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Dog Ramp

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Dog Ramp

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Product information

Australia's #1 Dog Ramp

Does your fur baby need a helping hand getting into the car or up on the couch?

Investing in a dog ramp can greatly enhance the quality of life for both you and your furry companion. Imagine the joy of witnessing your beloved pet effortlessly climb into your car or onto your bed, without the strain that could potentially lead to joint issues or injuries. A dog ramp is not just a convenience; it's a proactive step towards ensuring your pet's long-term well-being. By providing a gentle incline that reduces the impact on their joints, you're actively promoting their musculoskeletal health, particularly crucial for smaller breeds or older dogs that may struggle with jumps. This investment in preventive care can lead to fewer veterinary bills down the line and a more active, fulfilling lifestyle for your cherished companion.

Benefits Of The Dog Ramp

✅ Comfort: Help your dog feel more comfortable by being able to go up and down effortlessly.

✅ Training: If you are training a puppy, using a ramp may be a safer way to teach him to get on and off furniture and vehicles.

✅ Travel: If you are traveling with your dog, a portable ramp can make it easier to get in and out of the car.

✅ Adjustable Heights – You can set it up to be the perfect height for your pup, ensuring they make it safely up and down ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. 

✅ Bond: Helps strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, as you show concern for his well-being.

✅ Aging: As dogs age, they can develop mobility problems. A ramp can improve your quality of life.

✅ Slip prevention: Some ramps have non-slip surfaces that reduce the risk of your dog slipping.

No Longer Lift Your Furry Friend

Beyond health considerations, a dog ramp can significantly enrich your daily routines and adventures. Whether you're an avid traveler, enjoy frequent trips to the dog park, or simply relish a cozy snuggle on the couch, a dog ramp can seamlessly integrate your pet into these activities. No longer will you need to lift or coax your furry friend to join you; instead, you can watch them confidently conquer the ramp, fostering a sense of independence and boosting their self-assurance. Moreover, the portability and versatility of modern dog ramps ensure that your canine sidekick can accompany you on virtually any escapade, enhancing the bond between you through shared experiences and reducing the anxiety that separation can sometimes bring.

Pets Are Cherished Family Members

 In a world where our pets are cherished family members, a dog ramp stands as a testament to your commitment to their happiness. By easing their access to various spaces in your home, you're reaffirming the strong bond that exists between humans and their canine companions. This gesture of care transcends the functional aspects of a ramp; it's a tangible symbol of the empathy and consideration you have for your pet's needs. Not only does a dog ramp showcase your dedication, but it also showcases your forward-thinking approach to problem-solving and pet care. In choosing to buy a dog ramp, you're not just acquiring a piece of equipment – you're investing in a happier, healthier, and more harmonious life with your four-legged friend.


1x Dog Ramp

 Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Small -  70cm x 40cm | Large - 100cm x 55cm      
  • Weight: Small - 3.1kg | Large - 4.6kg      
  • Material: Marine plywood, pine timber, carpet, metal, and rubber
  • Suitable for: All dog breeds and other indoor pets
  • Weight capacity: 50 kg
  • Durable, adjustable, and handcrafted for top quality
  • Portable and foldable for travel
  • Easy storage
  • No assembly required
  • Strong metal hinge for easy folding
  • Indoor-outdoor carpet provides a non-slip surface

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