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Battery Powered Digital Electronic Suitcase Hanging Scales

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Product information

Battery Powered Digital Electronic Suitcase Hanging Scales

Battery powered electronic hanging scales offer notable features that make them essential tools for those who travel frequently. First of all, their portable and compact design makes them ideal to take on your trips. Ease of portability means these scales are always at your disposal, whether you need to weigh your bags before leaving home or during your travels to ensure you meet airline weight restrictions.

Accuracy in weight measurement

Accuracy in weight measurement is a distinctive feature of these scales. Equipped with digital technology, they offer accurate and reliable results, which is essential to avoid excess baggage charges and ensure smooth travel planning. Additionally, the digital display provides a clear and quick reading of the weight, ensuring effortless interpretation of the results.

Benefits Of Battery Powered Digital Electronic Suitcase Hanging Scales

✅ Accuracy in Weight Measurement: Purchasing a battery-powered electronic hanging scale provides the advantage of accurate measurement of the weight of your luggage. These scales are designed to provide accurate results, which is essential for avoiding airline excess baggage charges and ensuring your belongings meet the allowable weight limits.

 Portability and Convenience: Battery powered, these scales are highly portable and convenient to take with you during your travels. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to transport in your luggage, allowing you to easily check the weight of your suitcases both before you leave and during your trip, to ensure you comply with weight restrictions at different stages of your trip.

✅ Saving Money: Avoiding additional excess baggage charges is a significant financial benefit to using a battery-powered hanging scale. By accurately knowing the weight of your suitcases, you can adjust the contents or redistribute the weight between suitcases before arriving at the airport, thus avoiding additional fees and optimizing your travel expenses.

 Easy Reading and Digital Display: These scales are equipped with digital screens that make it easy to read the weight of your luggage. The clear and precise display on the digital display allows for quick and hassle-free interpretation of results, ensuring efficient and error-free measurement.

✅ Multifunctionality and Versatile Use: In addition to weighing suitcases, these hanging scales are also versatile in use. They can be used to measure the weight of other small objects, such as shopping bags or backpacks, thus providing a practical and useful tool in various weighing situations, both in travel and in everyday life.

Product Description:

This digital luggage scale has a tare function and an LCD backlit display, making it easy to read even in darkness.

It is also powered by a button battery, giving you up to 30% longer-lasting life than normal CR2032 ones.

Luggage weighing scale with high accuracy reading results for heavy weights- Capacity: 110lb/50kg, Graduation: 0.1lb/50g

It is easy to read with 4 kinds of weight units (lb, g, ounce, kg), auto-lock, and tare function

It supports auto-off in 60 seconds, preserving save both time and energy. It also locks weight results after stabilization for the ability to efficiently record results

Designed for travel suitcases, this scale is durable and heavy-duty to stand the test of time and travel. It has an ergonomic design, best for travel postal or home use

Product Specification:

Color: White Base

Material: Stainless, ABS

Size: 15*3*5.5cm

Weight: 160g

Function: Luggage Scale

Range accuracy: 50kg/10g

Package Inclusion:

1 x Luggage Scale 

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