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Door Safety Lock

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Color: Brown

Door Safety Lock

Baby Guard Door Safety Lock Door Handle Additional Protective Latch_2
Baby Guard Door Safety Lock Door Handle Additional Protective Latch_1
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Product information

Door Safety Lock 

Purchasing the Door Safety Lock offers a number of crucial benefits to ensure the safety and protection of children at home. Firstly, this device provides an additional layer of safety by restricting children's unsupervised access to potentially dangerous areas. By limiting their ability to open doors, you reduce the risk of accidents and create a safer environment for your little ones to develop.

Effective Preventive Measure

Additionally, the Door Safety Lock acts as an effective preventive measure, preventing children from accessing rooms that may contain sharp objects, chemicals or any other dangerous elements. Its easy installation and ergonomic design allow it to fit a variety of door handles, providing flexibility and comfort to parents and caregivers. The simplicity in its use makes this device a practical solution for those seeking to ensure the safety of children effectively and conveniently.

Benefits Of Door Safety Lock 

✅ Enhanced Child Safety: The Door Safety Lock provides an extra layer of safety for children by restricting their access to dangerous or off-limits areas. By installing this additional lock on door handles, you reduce the chance of young children opening doors unsupervised, ensuring a safer environment for their exploration.

✅ Accident Prevention: The device acts as an effective preventive measure against possible accidents. By limiting the opening of doors, you prevent children from accessing places that may contain risks, such as rooms with sharp objects or chemicals. This contributes to the prevention of domestic accidents and provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

✅ Easy Installation and Use: The Door Safety Lock is designed to be easy to install and use. With its ergonomic design, it easily fits over door handles and can be adjusted to the specific needs of each home. The simplicity in installation and use makes this device a practical solution to ensure the safety of children.

✅ Discreet and Aesthetic Design: Unlike some security solutions that can affect the aesthetics of the doors, this device is designed to be discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Its barely noticeable presence on door handles ensures that it does not negatively affect the overall appearance of the home, maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

✅ Versatility and Portability: The Door Safety Lock is versatile and easy to transport. You can install it on different doors according to your needs and, if necessary, remove it and take it with you to another place. This versatility adds convenience for parents who want to keep their children safe in different environments, whether at home or away.

Discreet and aesthetically pleasing design

This additional deadbolt not only focuses on functionality and security, but also offers a discreet and aesthetically pleasing design. Unlike some alternatives that can affect the overall appearance of the doors, this device integrates subtly and without compromising the aesthetics of the home.

Door Safety Lock proporciona una solución integral para la seguridad infantil, combinando funcionalidad, comodidad y estética en un solo dispositivo.

Product Description:

This child lock is easy to open and close and can be easily unlocked by one hand even for adults to open the door. It has a sturdy and difficult-to-open structure for your child and can also be used in always open mode.

It is made out of durable ABS materials that are completely lightweight and can be used for a long time. It can be pasted on your door using adhesive strips, so you don’t have to drill holes to install the locks. 

The safety locks can also be used to keep your kids and pets safe from opening doors which helps prevent accidents from happening. You can place it on your cupboards, fridge, and other furniture that your child may open. 

The door lock also serves as a thoughtful gift for your friends and family with toddlers who are just learning how to walk and are curious about how the door works. You can give it as a present and is a good safety tool for parents.


Product Specification:

Color: Brown, Grey

Material: ABS

Size: 4 x 12.5 cm

Weight: 150g

Function: Child Safety Lock

Package Inclusion:

1 x Child Safety Lock

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