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360° Rotate Shower Caddy Corner Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable

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Quantity: One Pack

360° Rotate Shower Caddy Corner Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable

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One Pack
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Two Pack
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Product information

360° Rotate Shower Caddy Corner Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable

Maximize corner space and simplify your shower organization with this 360° Rotate Shower Caddy Corner Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable. Designed specifically for 90° right angle corners, this innovative shower shelf offers more storage space than traditional fan-shaped organizers. Say goodbye to wasted corner space and the frustration of hard-to-reach toiletries.

Please ensure proper installation by squeezing out any air bubbles from the adhesive and allowing it to set for 24 hours. This shower rack is secured with strong, non-marking adhesive that can support up to 33lbs without damaging the wall.

With a gentle rotation, this 360° rotating corner shower caddy brings all your bathroom essentials within easy reach, saving you time and preventing spills or the need to stretch your arms awkwardly.  It's sturdy enough to hold large bottles like gallons of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

No tools or drilling required! This corner shower shelf is easily installed with the included adhesive and positioning stickers, helping you quickly locate the ideal spot. Made from durable ABS plastic, it resists warping, moisture, and rust, making it perfect for showers, bathrooms, tubs, and kitchens.

Designed for efficient shower organization, this shower shelf features a water filter hole in the center for quick drainage, keeping your toiletries dry. The recessed carousel can be removed separately for easy cleaning.

Benefits Of The 360° Rotate Shower Caddy Corner Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable

✅ Space Optimization: The 360° rotating design allows you to efficiently use space in the corner of the shower. You can easily organize and access your bathroom products without wasting space, which is especially useful in smaller bathrooms.

✅ Easy Access to Bathroom Items: Thanks to its full rotation capacity, this organizer allows easy access to all sides and compartments without having to move other products. This makes it easy to find and reach bath products effortlessly, improving convenience and efficiency in your daily routine.

✅ Durability and Water Resistance: Many rotating shower caddies are constructed of durable, water-resistant materials, such as high-quality plastic. This not only ensures the durability of the organizer in a humid environment, but also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

✅ Aesthetic and Functional Design: These organizers usually have an aesthetic and functional design that improves the overall appearance of the shower. In addition to being practical, it can add a touch of order and style to the bathroom space.

✅ Storage Versatility: The rotating organizer's compartments and shelves offer versatility to store a variety of bathroom products, such as shampoo bottles, soaps, sponges and more. This versatility helps keep your bath products organized and keeps your shower from looking cluttered.

Product Specification:

Color: Grey + White

Material: Plastic

Pack: One Pack, Two Pack

One Pack Weight: 700g

Two Pack Weight: 1200g

Size: 36 x 26 x 5.3cm

Function: 360° Rotate Lazy Susan Organizer Turntable

Package Inclusion:

1 x Shower Caddy Corner Turntable

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